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SNI ISO 31000:2018

                  5.4.5    Establishing communication and consultation

                  The organization should establish an approved approach to communication and consultation
                  in order to support the framework and facilitate the effective application of risk management.
                  Communication  involves  sharing  information  with  targeted  audiences.  Consultation  also
                  involves participants providing feedback with the expectation that it will contribute to and shape
                  decisions or other activities. Communication and consultation methods and content should
                  reflect the expectations of stakeholders, where relevant.

                  Communication  and  consultation  should  be  timely  and  ensure  that  relevant  information  is
                  collected, collated, synthesised and shared, as appropriate, and that feedback is provided and
                  improvements are made.

                  5.5    Implementation

                  The organization should implement the risk management framework by:

                  —  developing an appropriate plan including time and resources;

                  —  identifying  where,  when  and  how  different  types  of  decisions  are  made  across  the
                      organization, and by whom;

                  —  modifying the applicable decision-making processes where necessary;

                  —  ensuring that the organization’s arrangements for managing risk are clearly understood
                      and practised.
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                  Successful  implementation  of  the  framework  requires  the  engagement  and  awareness  of
                  stakeholders. This enables organizations to explicitly address uncertainty in decision-making,
                  while also ensuring that any new or subsequent uncertainty can be taken into account as it

                  Properly designed and implemented, the risk management framework will ensure that the risk
                  management process is a part of all activities throughout the organization, including decision-
                  making, and that changes in external and internal contexts will be adequately captured.

                  5.6    Evaluation

                  In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the risk management framework, the organization

                  —  periodically  measure  risk  management  framework  performance  against  its  purpose,
                      implementation plans, indicators and expected behaviour;

                  —  determine  whether  it  remains  suitable  to  support  achieving  the  objectives  of  the

                  5.7    Improvement

                  5.7.1    Adapting

                  The organization should continually monitor and adapt the risk management framework to
                  address external and internal changes. In doing so, the organization can improve its value.

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