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SNI ISO 31000:2018

                  f)  Best available information
                      The inputs to risk management are based on historical and current information, as well as
                      on future expectations. Risk management explicitly takes into account any limitations and
                      uncertainties associated with such information and expectations. Information should be
                      timely, clear and available to relevant stakeholders.

                  g)  Human and cultural factors
                      Human behaviour and culture significantly influence all aspects of risk management at
                      each level and stage.

                  h)  Continual improvement
                      Risk management is continually improved through learning and experience.

                  5    Framework

                  5.1    General

                  The purpose of the risk management framework is to assist the organization in integrating risk
                  management into significant activities and functions. The effectiveness of risk management
                  will  depend  on  its  integration  into  the  governance  of  the  organization,  including  decision-
                  making. This requires support from stakeholders, particularly top management.
                  Framework development encompasses integrating, designing, implementing, evaluating and
                  improving risk management across the organization. Figure 3 illustrates the components of a
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                                                    Figure 3 — Framework

                  The  organization  should  evaluate  its  existing  risk  management  practices  and  processes,
                  evaluate any gaps and address those gaps within the framework.
                  The  components  of  the  framework  and  the  way  in  which  they  work  together  should  be
                  customized to the needs of the organization.

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